Day 1 and 2 after surgery were good. No real pain. The only thing I have been feeling is a sense of heaviness while standing and a rock-like feeling in my abdomen which just feels like I need to go #2. 

In 2 days I gained the skill of coughing(I had a cold a few days before surgery and have left over phlegm)

 The steps are as follows:                               1: hubs helps me get out of bed. 

2: I grab a pillow and put it on the bed on top of a balled blanket.

3: I lean into said pile in a semi “push up” position until I know my tummy is secure from jiggling into pain.

4: boom, I cough. 

It’s such an easy task most don’t think of until they’ve had surgery, but it works. 

Day 3 after surgery, the feeling in the middle of my abdomen intensified as the night grew younger. It got to the point where I was crying. I wanted to rip my guts out. Literally.

I kept waking hubs up to take me to the bathroom and back to the bed but nothing I did or movements I made helped me with anything. I ended up sitting in bed crying in hubs arms because poor guy had no idea what else to do. I had taken all me meds and couldn’t take anymore so there was no instant relief for me.

All of the sudden I tell hubs help me get up, I need to go to the bathroom. I ran(what I can) into the bathroom with my little puke container the nurse had given me at the hospital. I threw up 500mL of fluid and some dinner I had. it was the worst feeling ever. Afterwards I went to bed and told hubs, let’s sing. We began a night if singing christmas carols. We are weird, I’m aware. Jews that sing christmas carols. Nice. 

We sang till I hurt no more. The only pain now was my muscles. I messaged a friend and she reminded me I had a warming heat sock thing so my problems were solved. I am now lying in bed starving. My stomach is speaking to me and telling me to go eat but I don’t think so!. 


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