Things took a turn for the worse.

Things took a wrong turn. The year is beginning and we are starting everything on a bad note. I apologize,Im sorry, but this post will be the sloppiest shit ever since I hoesntly dont feel like writting and I’m just an emotional wreck.  

My father decided to downgrade his insurance coverage so my coverage went down also. Now I will be having to pay 10% for procedures, $30 copay and lord knows what else.. Not too bad in comparison to other ladies. 

The next steps are an HSG to assess whether or not my remaining tube is blocked or not. There wasnt a proper seal during the chromotubation so that was a waste of time and effort.  

Hubs insurance finally came in so he will be having an S/A to rule him out.

 Im just steadily losing hope, faith, and every damn daydream of parenting I ever had. I’ve never been this bitter and angry towards the most high. I pray and pray but recieve nothing but a kick in the ass everytime. 

Its starting to hit me on how its just not meant to be. Im not sure what else to say. I no longer care. 


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